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Our Mission
In collaboration with our community, Hampton City Schools ensures academic excellence for every child, every day, whatever it takes.

Hampton City Schools: the first choice for success for every student.

Core Values
We believe that the developmental needs of children are central to every aspect of the operation of Hampton City Schools and that all interactions with our stakeholders must be governed by our core values-integrity, responsibility, innovation, excellence, and professionalism.


Organizational Structure


Strategic Plan - 2021-2026

Accreditation: Virginia State Department of Education. High Schools are regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Standards for Accrediting Public Schools in Virginia.

1 Early Childhood Center
Moton Early Childhood Center

18 Elementary Schools K-5

(includes 1 magnet, 2 fundamental schools and 1 school for the arts)


2 PK-8 Schools - Andrews PK-8 | Phenix PK-8
800 elementary students each—PK-5
400 middle school students each—Grades 6-8
100 middle school students in each choice program
Designed with three major learning centers

PK-Grade 2
Grades 3-5
Grades 6-8

1 Gifted Center - Ann H. Kilgore Gifted Center 


Established Choice Programs
Andrews PK-8 focus—Engineering
Phenix PK-8 focus—Biotechnology/Medical Arts


5 Middle Schools (includes 1 fundamental and 1 magnet)

4 High Schools
(each including specialized academies)



The Adult & Alternative Learning Center housing: Bridgeport Academy, and Adult Education, GED

English as a Second Language
: More than 650 students represent nearly 70 different countries and speak 50 different languages.


2023 Graduates: 1,430

2023 Grants & Scholarships
Over $47 million.

Graduates Attending College:
60% of the class of 2023

On-Time Graduation Rate
96.37% (As calculated by the Virginia Department of Education‘s On-Time Rate Schedule) (class of 2023)

Student Population
: 19,584
(2023-2024 school year)

Number of Advanced Placement Courses Offered
: 23

Teacher Population
: 1,554

Teachers with Master’s Degrees & Higher
: 746

National Board Certified Staff Members
: 35

District’s Budget for
2024-2025: $364,234,542

Student Per Pupil Expenditure
as budgeted for FY24: $16,135

*All of our schools are handicap accessible