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Virginia Department of Education releases accountability ratings - 100% of Hampton schools are accredited 

--- 26 of 29 schools accredited without conditions (highest level rating of accreditation) and 3 schools accredited with conditions (based on elementary science performance)

State accountability results released today by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) indicate students in Hampton City Schools continue to make improvements in academic achievement, as measured by the state’s accountability system. 100% of Hampton City schools are accredited with 90% accredited without conditions (the highest level rating of accreditation) and 3 schools accredited with conditions (based on elementary science performance at these schools).


HCS outperformed neighboring school divisions in the region (ranging between 29% to 33%) for those divisions who serve students of similar demographics. 

Accredited graph

“In 2015, 12 schools, or 41% of our schools, earned full accreditation. At the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, we implemented an intense accreditation plan of action, which included a system of differentiated support to schools based on assessment data. We also added a literacy program that focuses on literacy development from birth to postsecondary. Additionally, we enhanced the curriculum and aligned the assessment program with the curriculum, rewriting over 200 curricula,” shares Superintendent Jeffery Smith. “As we focused on this systems approach, 100% of our schools were accredited without conditions in just four years, merely months before we experienced a world-wide pandemic. Due to the hard work and dedication of our teachers, staff members, and administrators and with our HCS created, guaranteed viable curriculum, learning loss has not been as significant for our students. The redesign of our instructional program and student progress monitoring data systems placed us in a position to support students academically as well as socially and emotionally before returning to our first full year of in-person instruction last school year. We know we still have achievement gaps to address and are committed to identifying students who are at risk of not being successful while addressing individual student growth and improvement.”

In Hampton City Schools, all five middle schools, all four high schools, both PreK-8 schools, and 15 of the 18 elementary schools are accredited without conditions, which is the highest level rating under the accreditation system.

Three schools are accredited with conditions. Bassette Elementary, Mary T. Christian Elementary, and Machen Elementary were close but did not meet a benchmark this year, specifically in 5th grade science. Each school met five of the six school quality indicators for elementary schools. Academic Achievement for Science will be an area of focus for all three schools and each will be addressing targeted deficits this school year through a school improvement planning process.

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Smith adds, “The dedication and commitment of our administrative team, teachers, school staff, students, families, and the community is like no other. We certainly have a lot to celebrate after three school years challenged by a pandemic. We are one division with one transformation and our focus has remained on continuous improvement as we maintain high expectations of academic excellence for every child, every day, whatever it takes.”


The Virginia Board of Education accreditation standards provide a comprehensive view of school quality while encouraging continuous improvement for all schools and placing increased emphasis on closing achievement gaps. The accreditation standards measure student performance on multiple school-quality indicators; six indicators at the elementary and middle school levels and eight at the high school level. Performance on each school quality indicator is then rated on one of three levels. Based on these ratings, schools are then accredited without conditions, accredited with conditions, accreditation denied, or accreditation withheld. More information on the state’s accountability system can be located here: https://doe.virginia.gov/boe/accreditation/2017-soa-impact.shtml.