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Hampton City Schools names 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year

At the meeting of the Hampton School Board on May 5, 2021, the Hampton City Schools 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year was announced. Congratulations to Michelle Brown Perry, a career and technical education (photography) teacher at Phoebus High School, for being selected as the 2021-2022 Hampton City Schools Teacher of the Year.

Perry, a graduate of Bethel High School has been with Hampton City Schools for over 17 years. She began her career in Henrico County where she taught one year. She taught at Hampton High School from 1999 to 2006. She has been at Phoebus High School since 2009.

Perry earned a bachelor of science degree from Virginia State University and a M.Ed. from Cambridge College.

Perry says that throughout her tenure as a CTE teacher, she has always tried to foster a culture in every young person she encounters to stress that in order to be successful in life they must be ready, equipped and prepared to take on the challenges in an ever changing global economy. She says that within her classes, as well as throughout the school and in the larger community, she finds herself working with young people by “Teaching Through the Lens.” “Teaching Through the Lens” means she creates and provides an environment of opportunities to capture moments that provide genuine learning experiences for every student.

“As I work to spark intellectual growth and build capacity with my students to prepare them for life, my first strategy is to ensure that students are able to have hands-on real-world experiences,” said Perry. “The ability to incorporate project-based and challenged-based learning opportunities in my class and within my academy not only connects the content in my CTE course but has interdisciplinary affiliations in which students can make meaningful connections across other subject areas.”

Perry says she frequently works with teachers not only in her building but across the division to develop a curriculum that grows in core resources and collaborates with electives and the academy curriculum. Her role as a team lead enables her to lead an interdisciplinary team of teachers on ways to integrate curriculums across all subject areas in order to model project-based learning opportunities.

Perry shared, “I want to ensure that our students graduate being college, career, and life ready.”

In addition to her role as a teacher, Perry is involved in many aspects of Phoebus High School including serving as the webmaster and media representative. Over the years she has served in many other capacities including class sponsor, sponsors to various clubs, girls mentoring sponsor, varsity and junior varsity cheerleading coach, and many others.

“I recognize that all students need support not only from their teachers, but from their parents, their school division, and the community to be successful,” said Perry. “Therefore, the focus on ensuring inclusive opportunities and having equal access to resources for all children is paramount!”

Hampton City Schools is fortunate to have such an outstanding teacher guiding our students toward a future where they can become lifelong learners and achieve their dreams. Ms. Perry is now eligible to compete for statewide honors.