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Graduating seniors gain experience, receive job offers during Hampton Maritime Academy hiring event

The Maritime Academy at Hampton High School, led by Katherine Fox, Maritime Academy principal, and Shameka Pollard, executive principal, hosted a job fair on June 4, 2021, where graduating seniors met with representatives from local maritime companies. As graduation drew close, graduating seniors asked teachers to help them connect with academy business partners in maritime industries to help them gain employment. The Maritime Academy teacher team at Hampton High School decided to host an in-person event to connect students with employers. Prior to the job fair, academy teachers worked with students to create resumes, practice interview skills, and ensure they had appropriate attire to attend the event. Christina Kerby, academy coach at Hampton High School, organized the school staff team setting up the event and Barbara Washer, director of development and programs with the Virginia Ship Repair Association, organized the maritime businesses that attended the event. The job fair featured over 30 students and 18 maritime companies. Multiple students received job offers and all of the participating students gained valuable experience in marketing themselves to potential employers.

“It felt good to get my career started. I am already ahead on becoming a successful person,” said Charley Crawford, Maritime Academy senior.

James Perry, Maritime Academy senior said, “It was inspiring to get to talk to a lot of people in my future career field and get the opportunity to get a job right out of high school.”

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