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Hampton High School 2020 graduate Jeremy Taylor publishes book

Jeremy Taylor, a 2020 Hampton High School graduate, has written and published a book entitled Heir. Taylor served as the student representative to the Hampton School Board during the 2018-2019 school year and is currently a sophomore at the College of William & Mary.

Taylor said he began to dabble in writing stories about British monarchy in his junior year of high school but never really did anything with the stories. As he began to write more and more and put the stories together, he realized he actually had a book in the making. He completed the first of his three book series in late March 2021 and had his completed book in hand by June of the same year. Taylor credits two of his English teachers at HHS for instilling the aspiration in him to write. He gave a shout out to Jennifer Menzel and Debra Guernsey.

When asked what motivated him to write the book Taylor said, “My family has experienced divorce and all kinds of division. I hope my writing will get across the importance of families as first and foremost. Family supersedes anything else.”

Taylor said he hopes to declare history as his major and return to teach history in Hampton City Schools.

Summary of the book:

When Fredrick III dies unexpectedly, the people of Bloomland are very surprised and perplexed. Since the late king failed to designate an heir in his will, the government proclaims that Princess Katherine, his eldest daughter, will succeed him, according to the laws of succession. But Elizabeth, her younger half-sister and king’s only legitimate daughter, wants the crown for herself. Little do they know, there’s a dangerously ambitious man close to the queen who’ll prove to be a serious threat to them both. In this dramatic, royal saga, two sisters, vying for one throne, learn to rely on their faith and each other to protect their country and save their friendship.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the book, it will be available at Amazon or through Xulon Publishing beginning July 8. Signed copies are also available directly from Taylor by calling 757-920-1669.