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Kelly Dee

Ashley Ide

Dr. Janice Richison

Dr. Chevese Thomas
Dr. Chevese Thomas

Hampton City Schools announces curriculum leader changes

Hampton City Schools recently announced several curriculum, instruction, and assessment changes for the 2021-2022 school year. Kelly Dee will serve as the curriculum leader for visual and performing arts, replacing Dr. Vivian Griese who is retiring at the end of June. Ashley Ide will serve as the curriculum leader for social studies replacing Alma Dietz who is also retiring. Dr. Janice Richison is filling the role of curriculum leader for science, replacing the former curriculum leader Venicia Ferrell. Dr. Chevese Thomas will fill a new position as the academic success coordinator.

Dee, who was hired as a band director at Kecoughtan High School in 1995, was promoted to a teacher specialist in 2009 in what was then called the fine arts department. He has been a member of the HCS family for 26 years.

Ide, currently the principal of Burbank Elementary School, started her career with HCS in 2006 as a social science teacher. She worked at Eaton Fundamental Middle School and Phenix PreK-8 School. She served as the assistant principal at Barron Fundamental Elementary School in 2013 and was promoted to principal at Burbank in 2015. Ide has 15 years with HCS.

Richison began her teaching career in 1992 at the former Davis Middle School (now Tarrant) where she taught gifted math, science and general mathematics. She also taught at Tarrant Middle School, Jones Magnet Middle School, Lindsay Middle School, and Phenix PreK-8 School. She has served as an assistant principal at Lindsay Middle School, Syms Middle School, and presently at Andrews PreK-8 School. Richison has a total of 28 years in education with 22 of those years in Hampton.

Thomas began her teaching career in a neighboring district and was hired by HCS in 2006 as an assistant principal at Aberdeen Elementary School. She was promoted to principal at Cooper Elementary Magnet School for Technology in 2008. She also served as principal at Machen Elementary School, Booker Elementary School, and is currently principal at Lindsay Middle School. Thomas has a total of 25 years in education with 15 of those in HCS.

Congratulations to each of these administrators in their new professional roles.