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Jahmir Callahan of Phoebus High School accepted to Governor’s World Language Academy of Japanese

Jahmir Callahan, a rising junior at Phoebus High School, was accepted to the Governor’s World Language Academy of Japanese for the summer of 2021. This application-based academy provides students with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a language and culture. Jahmir has shown an interest and aptitude for language learning throughout his language studies in Hampton City Schools. An honor student, Jahmir took the initiative to apply and seek recommendations from teachers that understand his strengths in language learning. 

Some of Jahmir’s interests include playing on the varsity football team, digital art, and gaming. When asked why he applied for the Governor’s World Language Academy he said, “I joined the Japanese academy to not only practice a language that is uncommon in Hampton City Schools’ curriculum, but to meet people with similar interests and goals as me. I hope to get to know everyone attending as we practice Japanese together!”

Debra Hall, a Spanish teacher at Phoebus says, “I taught Jahmir in my Spanish III class in the 2019-2020 school year. Jahmir is an exceptional student and an A student in all of his classes. While taking Spanish III, he did an outstanding job on a project on the Spanish painter, Francisco Goya. I was particularly impressed by his insightful comments on his paintings and his use of metaphors to compare Goya’s work to events occurring in Spain at that time. I have also been impressed by Jahmir’s keen interest in the Japanese culture, which is self-initiated. It is exciting and rewarding to see a student with a true curiosity for other languages and cultures.” 

We are very proud of Jahmir for pursuing this exciting and enriching opportunity and look forward to hearing about his wonderful experiences at the Governor’s World Language Academy. Congratulations, Jahmir! The Governor's World Language Academy for Japanese runs from June 19 through July 2.