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Students learn real-world skills in Summer Business Institute


The Academies of Hampton Summer Business Institute is an authentic, real-world business challenge where students through teamwork, collaboration, research and on-site visits design and develop a solution to address a specific business challenge. Students create a product and then present it to the business partner(s). Each challenge-based learning experience is correlated to the academic and technical curriculum of its related career academy and demonstrates the integration of academic, technical, and research skills in creative and critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication in career exploration. In addition, the Summer Business Institute allows student teams to work directly with an assigned employer or industry partner to learn more about their industry's business processes and apply academy skills to tackle and complete real-world, industry-specific challenges.


The 2021 Summer Business Institute was offered to rising juniors and seniors. From July 9 to August 5, 2021, students participated in the challenge for their 2021-2022 selected academy. Over four weeks, students worked with their assigned employer or industry partner to address an authentic challenge faced by the business partner. 


Hampton City Schools - 2021 Summer Business Institute July 9 - August 5, 2021



Business Partners

┬áBethel High School 

Executive Principal: Ralph Saunders                                Extended Learning Coordinator: Miya Sumpter

Governor’s Health Science Academy


Academy Principal: Dorothy Garrity

“Vaccination Nation”

How can millennials (23-38) be informed and empowered regarding the facts of COVID-19 vaccination in order to ease their fears?

Professional Technical Learning Center, LLC

Academy of Law and Public Safety


Academy Principal: Tanya Howard

“Crime Files”

Explore community resources and “Best Practices” to propose the most effective approach for educating citizens about the recent rise in vehicle thefts and how to protect their property from potential crime.

Hampton Police Department

Transportation, Analytics, Information and Logistics 


Academy Principal:

Gordon Blair

“Drone Soar”

How can technology be utilized to evaluate potential locations for electric vehicle charging stations?

Virginia Dept. of Transportation (VDOT)

Academy of Media Arts and Sciences


Academy Principal:

Gordon Blair

“MAD about Business”

How can media be utilized to spotlight opportunities available to young entrepreneurs in Hampton Roads?

City of Hampton 

Economic Development 

Hampton High School 

Executive Principal: Shameka Pollard                      Extended Learning Coordinator: Lonnette Heckstall

Academy of Technology and Engineering


Academy Principal:

Katherine Fox

“Breathe Easy”

Engineer a prototype that transforms a manual resuscitator into a functional low cost ventilator.



Academy of Health, Human and Financial Services


Academy Principal:

Kimberly Sharpe

“On My Own, Earning My Way”

Design a recruitment and employment model for VersAbility targeting Hampton City School students (18-21 years old) with disabilities.


 Maritime Academy


Academy Principal:

Katherine Fox

“Shore to Sail”

Upon learning basic water safety and sailboat skills and techniques, Maritime students will propose a Youth Sailing Cadet program.

Youth Sailing

Kecoughtan High School  

Executive Principal: Dr. Violet Whiteman                      Extended Learning Coordinator: Sharyna Smith

Governor's STEM Academy of Architecture, Environment, and Engineering 


Academy Principal: Reginald Crawford

“Drone Soar”

How can technology be used to evaluate potential locations for electric vehicle charging stations?

Virginia Dept. of Transportation (VDOT)

Academy of Teaching, Education, and Learning


Academy Principal:

Reginald Crawford

“The Little Genius”

Design exciting and creative science activities into the PreK “Creative Curriculum”.

Downtown Hampton Child Development Center (DHCDC)

Academy of Entrepreneurship and Information Design 


Academy Principal:

Christopher Fredericks

“Collaborate to Make It”

Design an entrepreneur and innovation center, using a co-working hub concept, to stimulate small business opportunities for young adults.

Gather, Inc.

On-Stage Performing Arts 


Academy Principal:

Sharon Graham

“Behind the Scenes”

Create an adaptive performance and puppetry design for the story Jack and the Beanstalk.

Rainbow Puppets

Phoebus High School 

Executive Principal: James Harris                                       Extended Learning Coordinator: Tina Jackson

Academy of Cybersecurity, Engineering & Robotics


Academy Principal:

Lisa Incorminias

“Breathe Easy”

Engineer a prototype that transforms a manual resuscitator into a functional low cost ventilator.



Academy of Hospitality and Tourism


Interim Assistant Administrator:

Malachi Wafford

“Turn up the Heat”

Create a social media campaign that effectively promotes a new, creative bakery item.

Sinful Treats

Academy of Digital Video Production


Academy Principal:

Lisa Incorminias

“A Brand New Story”

Create and showcase a media advertisement approach that uncovers the magic behind a successful business in today’s environment.