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Hampton City Schools: With a 96.37% on-time graduation rate, HCS continues to exceed a 95% on-time graduation rate for FOUR consecutive years


The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) reported 96.37% of Hampton’s 2023 graduates (1,408 students) earned their diplomas in four years, surpassing the statewide average of 91.93%


Hampton’s on-time graduation rate is the highest on-time graduation rate in the region when compared to school divisions with over 1,100 students in the class of 2023. 


With the division’s focus on equity, on-time graduation rates continue to exceed the state rate when looking at student performance groups who are historically underrepresented

  • Specifically, our students with disabilities have an on-time graduation rate of 99.02%, compared to the state average of 90.63%. 
  • Our homeless student population has an on-time graduation rate of 94.12%, compared to the state average of 77.10%.
  • Our economically disadvantaged students outpaced the state with an on-time graduation rate of 95.65%, compared to the state average of 87.78%.
  • Looking at the student group of African American students, Hampton’s on-time graduation rate is 96.47%, compared to the state average of 90.56%.
  • Our Hispanic students’ on-time graduation rate is 98.82%, compared to the state’s average of 82.59%.

  • Our English Learners (students who speak English as a second language) graduated on-time at a rate of 100%, compared to the state’s average of 72.55%.

Shameka Pollard, chief of secondary school leadership, states, “For the fourth consecutive year, over 95% of our students have graduated on-time. This is something to be celebrated. The school division’s continued high on-time graduation rate is a testament to the promise we have made to our young people . . . the promise that our students will graduate the Portrait of a Hampton Graduate.”  

To view the comparison of Hampton’s student performance groups to the state’s student performance groups, click here

Students who earn high school equivalency certificates — such as a GED — or complete high school without earning a diploma are not included as graduates in calculating on-time graduation rates. Hampton City Schools is proud of our students who graduated on-time with a diploma, as well as our students who earn a GED or a certificate of completion. Hampton City Schools completion rate for all of our students for the Class of 2022 (i.e., diplomas, GED, certificate of completion) compared to the state average of 92.93%.



Dropout Rate: The dropout rate for the Class of 2023 in the Commonwealth of Virginia is 5.38%. Hampton’s 2023 dropout rate is 0.75%, compared to the division’s dropout rate of 14.1% in 2008. 

  • With a 0.75% dropout rate, HCS continues to have a dropout rate of less than 1% for THREE consecutive years. 
  • The division has the lowest dropout rate in the Commonwealth of Virginia when compared to other cohorts of 1,000 students or more.  

“Earning a high school diploma is a critical step in a young person’s life that opens doors to opportunities,” shares Superintendent Dr. Raymond Haynes. “We have intentionally put systems in place to prepare our students to succeed in college, career, and life. Our transformation of teaching and learning through our written, viable curriculum and the Academies of Hampton, our 16 wall-to-wall and career academies with 44 pathways, as well as the realignment of human resources and supports certainly speaks to our commitment to the success of our young people. The success of our students is due to the continued hard work of our teachers, staff, and administrators as well as the dedication of our School Board, city, families, and community partners.”