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Ann Bane receives the United States Air Force Commander’s Public Service Award

Ann Bane, recently retired from Hampton City Schools position of director of community and legislative relations, was honored at the October 4, 2023, School Board meeting by the United States Air Force with the United States Air Force Commander’s Public Service Award.

The United States Air Force Commander’s Public Service Award was established so that civilians whose service or achievements significantly contributed to the accomplishment of a mission of an Air Force command, staff agency, or command. Candidates for the honor are civilians who are not employed by the Department of the Air Force and who have either aided in realizing specific achievements, major projects, or has assisted in an Air Force unit’s reaching a major milestone; providing support for a unit or base over a period of time can also qualify.

In any event, the service must plainly reflect how the candidate’s commitment and dedication actually and significantly contributed to improvements of conditions for service members, of a mission, or at a facility. Only voluntary services are recognized with this honor; under no circumstances can a recipient have profited from their contributions, and they may not be in any type of profit-making enterprise with the Department of Defense. And while civic leaders are eligible to be honored with the medal more than once, there must be a five-year period in between awards.

Colonel Matthew Altman shared the following about Ann while presenting her with the award: Ann’s dedication and commitment to supporting all airmen and their families at Joint Base Langley Eustis (JBLE) - Langley was exceptional. She worked one-on-one with many families assigned to Langley assisting them in their efforts to pick the right school for their children. It didn’t matter to Ann if the family was junior enlisted or senior officers, she provided hands-on individual care and insights about HCS. She would personally set up visits and take families to various schools throughout the city to meet with principals as well as teachers. She always made herself available to answer questions or assist as needed. Ann was always an active participant on the Hampton Military Affairs Committee and focused on events supporting military children in the community as well as their military families. She spearheaded the month of the military child every April for the HCS division where students, staff and teachers would wear purple to honor military students. Ann was also active in the Langley Civic Leaders Association and ensured JBLE Langley leaders had a good appreciation of the HCS division. She supported the Commander's Key Spouse Program as well as newcomers orientations on several occasions. Ann was an outstanding advocate for the HCS division and provided extraordinary service to the Airmen and families assigned to JBLE Langley.  

Ann was presented with the commander’s public service medal, a commander’s coin, and a certificate of distinction.

Congratulations Ann on this well-deserved honor and recognition!