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Hollywood comes to the Academies of Hampton

Hollywood came to the Academies of Hampton on September 19, 20, and 21, 2022.

Emmy-award winning actor Jacob Young and television star Trent Garrett visited all four Hampton City Schools high schools on September 19 and 20. They met with students of all grade levels to excite them about a year-long short-film festival project that will be supported by the Academies of Hampton as well as business partners and industry professionals. 

During their visit, Young and Garrett spoke to over 400 students in grades 9 through 12 from various academies about how the knowledge and skills that are learned in school contribute to the making of a movie. They also inspired students from all academies to participate in the project-based learning opportunity by challenging them to acquire real-world skills that will set them up for success in their future. Students had the opportunity to meet and greet the actors personally and received autographs and pictures so they could remember the exciting experience. The Academy of Digital Video Production students at Phoebus High School challenged the actors by spontaneously asking them to film the morning announcements. Young and Garrett took advantage of the opportunity and the students' readiness and filmed a fun and engaging morning announcement that was viewed by the entire student body. 

On September 21, 2022, over 100 students from Bethel High School, Kecoughtan High School, Hampton High School, and Phoebus High School participated in BizTalk featuring Garrett and Young, at the American Theater in downtown Phoebus. Hosted by the Academies of Hampton Extended Learning grant, students learned more about how the film industry is seeking talented young people with the skills that are learned in the Academies of Hampton. 

Young and Garrett spoke about their personal journeys to becoming award-winning actors. Garrett shared how he was born and raised in Hampton, VA and his family are Hampton High School alumni. Young shared that he was born and raised on a farm on the west coast and as a foster child, worked several jobs to support his passion for acting. They encouraged students to follow their dreams and use all the resources they have from the Academies of Hampton to make their dreams come true. At the end of the event, Garrett and Young answered questions from the audience and motivated students to graduate with all the skills and knowledge within a Portrait of a Hampton Graduate.


Mahogany Davison, a senior in The Academy of Digital Video Production said, “The more things we do with TV production, the more I fall in love with it. You have me wanting to change my whole major! I already know this is going to be an awesome experience!”


“This is like a dream for these students,” said Michael Price, instructor for The Academy of Digital Video Production. “While I was in film school, I had professors that came from the film and TV industry, or maybe even still did some freelance work, but we didn't have the opportunity to work alongside people in the industry quite like this. The film and television world is not so prevalent in our area, and Hollywood is a good distance away from here, so it can be difficult to make those connections. It's amazing to me that Trent and Jacob are not just able to, but willing to help create this experience for our young people!”