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Tommy Reamon, Jr. participates in BizTalk Tour

The Entrepreneur Series of BizTalk started and ended with a high-energetic, motivational talk about passion, hard work, commitment, and process. Tommy Reamon, Jr.'s visit to each school proved to be an eye-opening experience for our students with a passion for entrepreneurship.

Reamon, founder and CEO of City On My Chest, started the three-day BizTalk Tour at Hampton High School where he involved students in several ice-breakers and created a space to speak to approximately 500 students about the importance of education. At Bethel High School, Reamon answered direct questions from students about branding, marketing, and networking. Although many of the students at Kecoughtan High School are familiar with the concept of entrepreneurism due to a number of them being in the Academy of Entrepreneurship and Information Design (AEID), the students found Reamon's discussion very enlightening. He concluded the school visits at Phoebus High School where the students shared the same electrifying energy. Reamon emphasized the importance of giving back to the community and providing opportunities for our youth.

Students with a strong interest in entrepreneurship were invited to the BizTalk Conference on November 16, 2022, at the American Theatre to hear Reamon’s story and visit vendors from various industries such as cosmetology, culinary, media arts, publishing, and retail. Students had an opportunity to visit with 10 vendors from various industries to ask about the entrepreneurial process and their different journeys to success.

The most appealing part of the BizTalk Entrepreneur Series was a personal talk about the highs and lows of Reamon’s career. Native to Newport News, VA, Reamon was raised by a single father - former NFL Player, Tommy Reamon, Sr. He explained that he was influenced by his father and other athletes to aim at a career in the NFL as a player. Although he did reach his goal of joining the league, he was fortunate to become a coach for Virginia Tech, University of Virginia, University of Miami, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the New Orleans Saints. Reamon explained to the aspiring entrepreneurs that high school is the starting point for success in life. He said that you must apply yourself to achieve what you want and remember to have a positive attitude. “If I have a dream, a goal, there is nothing on this planet going to stop me from reaching that goal. You must buy into that commitment.” At the conclusion of the BizTalk when students were afforded the opportunity to ask Reamon questions, one student, in particular, was offered a job at his business, City on My Chest, simply because he asked mind-provoking questions. This experience will certainly be one these students will never forget.