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HCS honors support employees of the year

Hampton City Schools honored this year’s support employees of the year on Wednesday, May 15, with a reception and recognition during a School Board meeting. Each school, school operations and maintenance, transportation, food and nutrition services, and the school administrative center selected one support employee to represent their school or department for the 2024-2025 school year.

Robbin Ruth, executive director of human resources, said, “They are some of our unsung heroes who make sure that teachers are able to teach, who make sure bills are paid, that students are fed, and make sure students get to school and back home safely.”

This year’s recipients are as follows:

Aberdeen Elementary School Addie Sealey Early Reading Intervention Assistant

AALC/Bridgeport Academy Marcia Austin Financial Specialist III

Andrews PreK-8 School Darlene Jackson Instructional Assistant

Armstrong School for the Arts Stacy Miller Instructional Assistant

Asbury Elementary School Crystal Britt Smith Instructional Assistant

Barron Fundamental Elementary School Karen Salter Food Service Staff I

Bassette Elementary School Allison Scott Administrative Secretary III

Bethel High School Jerome Boyd Librarian Technician

Bryan Elementary School Virginia Green Instructional Assistant

Burbank Elementary School Heather Field-Bills Instructional Assistant

Cooper Elementary Magnet School Tyran Williams Instructional Assistant

Eaton Fundamental Middle School Cecile Trevathan School Financial Specialist I

Food & Nutrition Services Twana Mathews Food Service Area Supervisor

Forrest Elementary School Ashleigh Chitwood Office Assistant

Hampton High School Laura Shaw Instructional Assistant

Jones Magnet Middle School Anthony Wardrett Security Officer

Kecoughtan High School Jovan Johnson-Harris Health Clerk

Kilgore Gifted Center Jennifer Bowen School Nurse

Kraft Elementary School Norene Pell Early Reading Intervention Assistant

Langley Elementary School Bennie Furman Instructional Assistant

Lindsay Middle School Allyssia Jeter Instructional Assistant

Machen Elementary School Stacey Henderson-Gomes Learning Recovery Facilitator

Christian Elementary School Casey Koster-Ware School Nurse

Jackson Fundamental Elementary School Jalen Donahoo Instructional Assistant

Peake Elementary School Denise Williams Instructional Assistant

Moton Early Childhood Center Shaqwita Copeland Instructional Assistant

Patrick Elementary School Cheri Gomes Instructional Assistant

Phenix PreK-8 School Tammy Boetger Instructional Assistant

Phillips Elementary School Mildred Bunting Kindergarten Instructional Assistant

Phoebus High School Lorie Crox Attendance Specialist

School Administration Center/PEG/PC/Mallory Sandra Thomas Administrative Secretary III 

School Operations & Maintenance Department Wail Eisa Warehouse and Delivery Tech 

Smith Elementary School Sheree Smith Instructional Assistant

Syms Middle School Sha'Ron Radford Restorative Practices Coordinator

Tarrant Middle School Yemaya Steele Instructional Assistant

Transportation Department Carman Marshall Bus Driver

Congratulations to these very special staff members.