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Elementary Excel Art student artwork displayed during reception

Artwork created by grades 3-5 students in the Excel Art program was displayed during a reception at the Ruppert Sargent Building on Monday, April 29, 2024.

Excel Art serves as a resource for students in grades three through eight recognized as gifted in visual performing arts. At the elementary level, participating students receive weekly pull-out instruction from their art teachers. Meanwhile, middle school students benefit from a dedicated summer program. Within Excel Art, students explore a variety of mediums, including painting, 3D sculptures, and mixed media.

The following elementary students had artwork displayed:

Aberdeen Elementary - Teacher - Patricia Duncan

Students - Brelyn Leonard, Messiah Walker

Armstrong School for the Arts - Teacher - Debbie Taylor

Students - Lelah Josaphat, Jersey Piotrowski, Dexter Studley

Barron Fundamental Elementary - Teacher - Wietske Delano

Students - Lena Kennedy

Bassette Elementary - Teacher - Mona Cunnkin

Students - Cartier McClure, Jr.

Bryan Elementary - Teacher - Megan Berg

Students - Mohamed Said

Burbank Elementary - Teacher - Ashley Velazquez

Students - Rebecca Carnegie, Jemma Smith

Christian Elementary - Teacher - Michelle Branch 

Students - Kaia O'Handley

Cooper Elementary Magnet - Teacher - Matthew Wilcox

Students - Carley Applewhite, Kayla Morris, Ayden Parker, Bryson Stanley

Forrest Elementary - Teacher - Hope Corizzo

Students - A'Lanna Cox, Kailyn Hinnant, Roxanne Johnson, Cameron Lanier, Alexis Martin, Kingston Steele, Peyton Turner

Jackson Elementary - Teacher - Georgie Burton

Students - Dalton Ehler

Kilgore Gifted Center - Teacher - Danielle Smith & Ashley Waite

Students - Persia Everett, William Hart V, Charleigh Herncall, Lynnell Johnson, Brielle LeSane, Lily Long, Finley Marmet, Maci Minkoff, Tyler Nixon, Lillian Radford, Mila Valrey, Zoe Walker, Hudson Wright

Langley Elementary - Teacher - Jennifer Jones 

Students - Genesis Marion, Arianna Verbanac

Machen Elementary - Teacher - Kenneth Porter

Students - Fenyx Moreno

Patrick Elementary - Teacher - Callie Lewis

Students - Azari Bass, Kal-El Becnel, Bryn Buxton, Imani Collins, Carma Hodges Nieto Serrano

Phenix PreK-8 - Teacher - Stephanie Benson & Jesse Reese

Students - Mackenzi Ballard, Evelyn Green, Ariel Jones, Melina Lassalle, Gia Scott, Melina Lassalle

Phillips Elementary - Teacher - Nancy McLean

Students - Haiden Childress, Natalie Glenn, Lillian Pennington

Smith Elementary - Teacher - Victoria Martin

Students - Kylie Claflin, Giselle Marshall

Dr. Reginald Johns, director of academic advancement and enrichment, shared, “The Excel Art exhibition, hosted by the department of academic advancement and enrichment and the visual and performing arts department, gathers parents, teachers, students, and administrators together to celebrate each student's exploration, growth, and development.”