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Students gain valuable experience participating in the Allen Iverson Basketball Classic

This past week, students across Hampton City Schools (HCS) had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Allen Iverson Basketball Classic. This three-day event brought together some of the best players across the country in a series of competitive events while creating opportunities for students to connect, engage, and move their community forward.

This experience was not just about basketball; it was a platform for personal and professional growth. Students learned about careers alongside industry professionals while deepening practical skills. For example, students attended financial wealth sessions hosted by Jacqueline "JaQ" Campbell from Alexander Legacy Private Wealth. This session underscored the importance of financial planning and responsibility, equipping the students with essential life skills beyond sports. The high school academies had specialized immersive experiences to align and integrate their classroom instruction to real-world applications. 

Immersive College and Career Academy Highlights

  • Governor's Health Science and Health, Human, and Financial Services students had a unique opportunity to shadow the athletic trainers at the team practices. This hands-on experience gave them valuable insights into the rigorous demands and behind-the-scenes workings of diagnostic and therapeutic services, leaving them with a deeper understanding of their field.

  • Academy of┬áTeaching, Education, and Learning embarked on a unique educational journey as they joined players to explore Fort Monroe's rich history and heritage. This collaborative experience combined historical learning with hands-on experience for the students.

  • Digital Video Production and Media, Arts, and Design students archived the event alongside media professionals, who had behind-the-scenes access as they captured, recorded, and photographed the events. This immersive experience gave them a real-world glimpse into the dynamic media field.

This event embodied One Community, One Transformation. The Allen Iverson Basketball Classic on May 4 at the Hampton Coliseum brought together all four high schools in a display of unity and sportsmanship, as cheerleaders delivered a unity cheer, held during the pre-show festivities, set the stage for an evening of thrilling basketball action, inspiring all with their teamwork and spirit.┬áThe award-winning Stick and Groove drum line from Iverson's alma mater, Bethel High School, also performed the halftime show. 

In addition to high school connections, “several of our middle school students had an unforgettable experience. They received a unique opportunity to attend the Allen Iverson Basketball Classic courtesy of our partners from the City of Hampton Office of Youth and Young Adult Opportunities,” shared Erica Spencer, HCS business partner integration coordinator. “This reflected a commitment to providing students with access to inspiring events that promote leadership, sportsmanship, and community engagement and served as a powerful reminder of the values of dedication, teamwork, and perseverance that are essential both on and off the court.”