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Kilgore Gifted Center’s Creative Storm Contest finalist win international competition

Students in Lisa Ann Wilson's digital studio seventh/eighth grade classes at Kilgore Gifted Center participated in Next Vista for Learning's 2022 Creative Storm film contest, which is open to all students internationally. The challenge was to produce a video in which a concept was taught to students in 90 seconds or less. The video entitled The Incredible Power of Inferring made by eighth graders Iyanna Johnson, Madison Toraine, and Karessa Williams was one of the winners of the international competition after being named a finalist in December.

“Our judges from near and far voted, and for the first time ever, we have three winners for the Creative Storm ’22 contest,” executive director Rushton Hurley said in the organization's March newsletter.   

When asked if she knew her group had a great film, Williams said, “I thought we had a great film, but only because of the amount of time and effort we put into making it. At first, we submitted our film because we wanted to try something new because it seemed fun. So I wouldn't say we expected to be finalists.” 

According to teammate Johnson, “Our film started out as a small idea about inferring from when we were first assigned the project. We had doubts that we would make the deadline, but we worked hard and got it done. We doubted we could be finalists, let alone win, but the hard work really did pay off.” 

Toraine adds, “We had a great time filming! It was a great experience and I do enjoy making films.”

Wilson added, “One of the most rewarding things about teaching a gifted elective like digital studio is that it is constantly evolving. Students can pursue themes of interest, use relevant techniques in filming, and enter contests like Creative Storm. The films were all very different and students had a fun time making them. I enjoyed working with each group to achieve their desired filming effects and help them convey the intended message. My expectations were exceeded with Iyanna, Karessa, and Madison's film becoming a finalist, and then being chose as one of the winners. What a fantastic experience for them and for me!”