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Students place in regional history, geography, and science bees


Students from Kilgore Gifted Center and Phenix PreK-8 School participated in the regional history, geography, and science bees held at Kilgore Gifted Center. Students engaged with other students from Virginia and one school in North Carolina. This is the second year that Kilgore has hosted the event.


“The Bee was an exciting tournament where amazing minds came together to compete in the fields of history, geography, and science,” shared Diana Martin, coordinator and sponsor of the regional bees at Kilgore.

Results are as follows, for the History Bee:


Eighth grade - Jackson French (Kilgore) earned second place and Jaycen Ward (Kilgore) earned third place 

Seventh grade - William Shears (Kilgore) came in first place, Gabriella Oliveras (Phenix) and Tessa Robinson (Kilgore) came in third place

Sixth grade - Knox Loeffler (Kilgore) scored third place

Fifth grade - Dennis Maina (Kilgore) earned first place and Olivia Witcher earned second place

Finalists for all grades were Madison Eberhardt (Kilgore), William Waldrop (Kilgore), Dwayne Wilson (Kilgore), Joseph Harvey (Kilgore), Rebecca White (Kilgore), and Robbie Shaw (Kilgore).

Kellen Sheehan (Kilgore) did not place but qualified for nationals.

Results are as follows for the Geography Bee:

Eighth grade - Rebecca White (Kilgore) earned second place, and Avery Wooton (Kilgore) earned third

Seventh grade - William Chapman (Kilgore) came in first, Aditya Patel (Kilgore) earned second, and Cassidy VanSciver (Kilgore) earned third place

Sixth grade - Rayne Holden (Kilgore) came in second place 

Fifth grade - Joseph Harvey (Kilgore) came in first and Olivia Witcher (Kilgore) came in second

Fourth grade and under category - Madison Eberhardt (Kilgore) came in second place

Finalists for all grades were William Waldrop (Kilgore), Brooks Hobbs (Kilgore), Dwayne Wilson (Kilgore), Sydney Meeks (Kilgore), Dylan Hailey (Kilgore), Makhi Hurst (Kilgore), Jaycen Ward (Kilgore), and Robbie Shaw (Kilgore).

Results are as follows for the Science Bee:

Eighth grade - Jackson French (Kilgore) scored first place and Chris Macijunes (Kilgore) scored second place 

Seventh grade - Tessa Robinson (Kilgore) came in second place

Fifth grade - Joseph Harvey (Kilgore) scored first place, Dylan Hailey (Kilgore) scored second place, and Albert Meeks (Kilgore) scored third place

Fourth grade and under category - William Waldrop (Kilgore) scored first place

Finalist for all grades were Madison Eberhardt (Kilgore) and Sydney Meeks (Kilgore).

The national bees will be held June 1-4, 2023, in Arlington, VA. The international bees will be held in Ecuador and Italy in July of 2023.