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Hampton City Schools honors 2022-2023 retirees

Hampton City Schools held a retirement reception on Tuesday, June 6, 2023. Our 60 retirees are to be commended not only for their invaluable years of service, but also for their commitment to serving the students and families of Hampton City Schools. We wish all of our retirees health and happiness as they celebrate a new journey.

Several of the retirees shared their favorite positive memories of their career in HCS.

Dorothy Garrity, who worked with HCS for 31 years at Davis/Tarrant Middle School, Kecoughtan High School, and Bethel High School said, “My favorite memory is working with the Academies of Hampton from the beginning and seeing how it has developed into wall-to- wall academies. I also enjoy seeing our students benefitting from their academy choices.”

Patrice Perrin, who worked 31 years at Bassette Elementary School, Bryan Elementary School, and Machen Elementary School shared, “One of my fondest memories was teaching first graders in a departmentalized setting at Bryan. There were three first grade teachers on the team, and I taught social studies to each of the students. How wonderful and unique it was to teach outside the box from the traditional way of teaching first graders.”

Carolyn Sykes, who has worked for 31 years at Cooper Elementary School, Machen Elementary School, and Barron Elementary School said, “My whole career has been great with HCS. I had a lot of students and parents come back to me thanking me for helping their child to be successful.”

The following employees were recognized for their many years of service and dedication to HCS:

Ann P. Bane

Brenda G. Banks

Edward A. Beckwith

Leisha E. Belk 

Rose M. Blevins 

Susan T. Boyle

Jay I. Brooks, III 

Diane R. Campbell 

Carman Thiriet Castilla

Stacey E. Cole 

Augustus Coleman

Kim Conner

Eva A. Cotich

Kenneth R. Crum 

Nancy Currence 

Francisca E. Davis

Debra A. Day

Herman A. Diggs 

Emily C. Dillard 

Alicia Dudley

James D. Dunlap 

Lori C. Dunn

Suzanne T. Elliot 

Susan E. Garrett 

Dorothy L. Garrity 

Joseph Garrity

Robynne L. George-Cacace

Joann Goodman

Pamela V. Hairston 

Karen Jennings 

Grace H. Joyner

Kathryn L. Kilgore

Ruby M. Lane

Linda Lawrence 

Gale Lee

Beth A. Mair 

Kimberly D. Mathis 

Stefanie McDermott

Debra McNichol

William Nester 

Christopher C. Owen 

Patricia Perrin 

Pamra S. Ransom

Bruce E. Roberts 

Mary Saunders

Deborah K. Shaffer 

Barbara R. Smith 

Deborah Smith

Jeffery O. Smith

Theresa F. Smith 

Jill S. Steen 

Carolyn Sykes 

Carol J. Tice 

Joseph M. Veitz

Terri L. Walters 

Violet Whiteman

James A. Wickenden 

Betty L. Wilson

Elizabeth A. Winebarger

Dorothy D. Woods