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Cai Gomes of Phoebus High School selected as an early admission full-ride scholarship QuestBridge College Match Scholar

Congratulations to Cai Gomes, a senior at Phoebus High School. She has been selected from nearly 23,000 applicants for an early admission, full-ride scholarship QuestBridge Match Scholar. She is one of about 6,000 selected.

Cai transferred to Phoebus High School as a junior to participate in the ACE program. Having lived abroad for two years and attending a school outside of the district her freshman year, she said she was aware that she would have to work hard to “catch up.” Yet, she felt that participating in this program was sure to assist her in her postsecondary academic pursuits, so she dove right in.  


It was there that teachers and counselors began providing her with a steady stream of helpful information that moved her towards her academic goals. Almost daily, a wealth of information was (and is) shared with students and families regarding college preparation, application processes, financial aid, scholarship opportunities, sponsorships, internships, and more. One piece of information proved particularly useful for Cai. Making full use of her College Board access, she was connected with Matriculate, a national nonprofit organization that connects high-achieving students to advisors who empower them to attend institutions that will help them flourish. Her advisor introduced her to the National College Match program offered by QuestBridge. Applicants compete for early admission and a full-ride scholarship to one of their 50 ivy league and top-rated college and university partners. Cai spent her entire summer and much of the first semester completing the rigorous scholarship requirements. In October, she was notified that she was a finalist and QuestBridge Scholar. She continued her pursuit, meeting additional taxing requirements while working, managing her classes, and maintaining straight A's - all with the help of committed teachers and counselors. Although she has decided not to disclose the name of the university that she will be attending, the annual tuition is nearly $90,000. She has decided to surprise her family, friends and church by disclosing the name of the school after graduation.

“I encourage every student to make choices that lead to opportunities. And when those opportunities come your way, be quick to say thank you and be quick to act on them,” said Cai. “Do your best. Ask for help when you need it. And don't let others decide how much you can achieve. You never know the places you could go.”

Congratulations on this outstanding accomplishment!