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Hampton Education Foundation assists schools for Teacher Appreciation Week


The Hampton Education Foundation (HEF) awarded $3,525 to a total of eight schools to assist with recognizing their teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.


The money is being used by the schools to fund recognitions for their teachers with things such as a relaxation day (complete with chair massages), lunch, small thank you gifts, and special treats.


Below are thank you messages received from the schools:


“Thank you so much for the generous gift of $500 to support Teacher Appreciation Week here at Smith Elementary School. Your support will help us show our faculty and staff how much we value their service to the students and the community this year. Thank you again for your gift.  We truly appreciate and value your support." - Michael Blount, Smith Elementary

“Thank you so much. I truly have the hardest working staff in Hampton. Your generous funds will help to make it a special teacher appreciation week.”- Lynette Nelms, Bryan Elementary

“This is fantastic! Many thanks to the Hampton Education Foundation! This is so generous and so very appreciated. I will definitely share and encourage them to continue using all the wonderful opportunities HEF provides. I have seen so many great things in the classroom funded by the grants!" - Heidi Brezinski, Burbank Elementary

“It has been such a challenging year for this staff and we really wanted to go big and recognize their effort! Thank you so much. We will keep you posted on our events!!” - Eric Stone, Mary T. Christian Elementary

“Thank you so much for the generous donation for Aberdeen Elementary's Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week. It really means a lot to us!” - Tiffany Geddie Suggs, Aberdeen Elementary

“Thank you all SOOOOO much! This is such a blessing.”- Brynne Cere, Patrick Elementary

“Thank you very much for blessing the Machen staff! I am beyond grateful!” - Jennifer Humble, Machen Elementary


The Hampton Education Foundation has been working to support creativity and innovation throughout the learning process. In 2007 the Foundation began their successful Teacher Grant Programs. These grants are designed to encourage and support teachers who are developing new programs that make learning more effective. 

The Hampton Education Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping youth succeed and to supporting the Hampton School System. Currently they are totally run by volunteers on a part time basis.