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HCS honors nurses during Nurses Appreciation Week

Hampton City Schools is fortunate to have such wonderful nurses to assist our students and staff in all of our schools and administrative offices. While we appreciate them every day, we especially recognize them during National School Nurse Day and Nurses Appreciation Week in May.

Hampton City Schools employs registered nurses to provide school-based health services. All are licensed in Virginia and many have bachelors or masters degrees in the field. Most of our schools have a full-time nurse. Moton Early Childhood Center has a part-time 25 hour a week nurse. The nurse is responsible for providing care and serving as a medical resource and health consultant for students, parents, and staff. The nurse reviews admission requirements, implements specialized health care plans, renders first aid, manages medications, provides in-service training, performs annual inspections, teaches health related topics, and serves as a vital link between parents and health care providers. At our PreK-8 Schools, we have, in addition to the RN, licensed practical nurses, LPNs. All middle and high schools have a health clerk that assists in first-aid care and clerical support. All staff are CPR/AED/First-Aid certified.


The past two years have been especially busy and stressful for our nurses as they have not only done their regular duties, but have had additional duties surrounding COVID-19, recognizing symptoms, and contact tracing.

Health services coordinator Glory Gill has worked diligently and tirelessly to keep her nurses up-to-date on current medical issues and at the same time work to show them appreciation and support during unprecedented times in their public education career.

The HCS nurses and health clerks were honored during a luncheon on Wednesday, May 11. The luncheon was sponsored by the HCS health services department with business partner School Health providing the lunch. The president of School Health Rob Rogers and the HCS representative Alec Perez were also in attendance to thank the nurses and clerks.

“School nurses have shown us ‘grace under pressure’ these past two years,” said Trena Hatcher, executive director of student support. “Our nurses have shown their extensive knowledge, relentless spirit, compassion and care for our students, staff and families. Their impact is significant and they lead the way to safe and healthy schools with courage and dedication.”

National School Nurse Day is observed on the Wednesday during National Nurses Week in May every year, and takes place on May 11 this year. It is a day when we come together as a nation to honor the field of school nursing. This event honors the daily efforts of school nurses to ensure all students’ wellbeing, safety, and academic ability.