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Thirty-nine HCS educators accepted into the Virginia Best Practices Network Academy

Hampton City Schools is excited to announce that 39 educators have been accepted into the Virginia Best Practices Network Academy (VBPN). The VBPN is a collaboration that was established in 2018 between interested members of the Association of Teacher Educators of Virginia (ATE-VA), selected institutions of higher education preparation programs, and hard-to-staff school divisions.

The goal of the academy is to provide teachers designated as clinical faculty and new teacher mentors the opportunity to become highly effective clinical faculty and/or new teacher mentors. They will receive professional development and training through intensive, innovative, scientific, evidence-based learning opportunities. The cost of training will be covered by state grant funds, including costs for speaker fees, registration for professional development workshops, incentives, and other relevant materials.

“I am delighted that the VBPN has selected so many of Hampton’s qualified supervising teachers who were interested in volunteering to extend their knowledge further,” said Dr. Kimberly Richardson, HCS organizational development coordinator. “Virginia has one of the 10 highest teacher turnover rates in the nation. But in Hampton we have systems in place to support our strategic plan goal of attracting, recruiting, and retaining exceptional staff. Our ultimate goal is teacher self-efficacy and HCS practices what research has shown - our five-year induction plan which heavily emphasizes one-on-one mentoring relationships in teachers' first year contributes to teachers experiencing connectedness and a sense of accomplishment that leads to increases in job satisfaction and teacher retention.”

HCS educators who were accepted are as follows:

Lacey Whetsel – Andrews PreK-8
Cynthia Baird – Andrews PreK-8
Katherine Kelsey – Asbury Elementary School
Alexis B. Jones – Bassette Elementary School
Heather Woodruff – Bethel High School
Kathleen May – Bethel High School
Meryl Innerfield – Bryan Elementary School
Frances Johnson – Burbank Elementary School
Sarah Naugle – Cary Elementary School
Jasmin Royal – Cooper Elementary Magnet School for Technology
Shannon Chappelle – Cooper Elementary Magnet School for Technology
Karen Parker – Eaton Fundamental Middle School
Jessica Scott – Eaton Fundamental Middle School
Katina Acree-Williams – Eaton Fundamental Middle School
Sarah Hammond – Forrest Elementary School
Kari Espada – Hampton High School
Simone Huey – Hampton High School
Tijuania Lambert – Jones Magnet Middle School
Hamiltyne Laurena Holmes Coates – Kecoughtan High School
Sandra Hooper – Kecoughtan High School
Annette Crothers – Kraft Elementary School
Jessica Thomas – Kraft Elementary School
Jan Marie VanDenheede – Kraft Elementary School
Andre Richardson – Lindsay Middle School
Lois Parson – Lindsay Middle School
Jennifer A. Eure – Machen Elementary School
Ashton Cross – Phenix PreK-8 School
Melanie Cross – Phillips Elementary School
Freny E. Quilpa – Phoebus High School
Ellen Bastian – Smith Elementary School
Debra Hicks – Spratley Gifted Center
Stephanie Stedman – Spratley Gifted Center
Arnetta D. Hughes – Syms Middle School
Jessica J. White – Syms Middle School
Ma Elena Largo – Syms Middle School
Janice Way – Tarrant Middle School
Rebecca Sedgwick – Tarrant Middle School
Priscilla Scott-Thomas – Tarrant Middle School
Pamela Birdsong – Tyler Elementary School

“I am a big supporter of teachers helping other teachers to grow. I am looking forward to discovering new ways to work with teachers in my building that will help them, and by extension, their students, to succeed,” shared Bryan teacher Meryl Innerfield.