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CTE month, Celebrate Today, Own Tomorrow

Hampton City Schools is proud to celebrate Career and Technical Education (CTE) month with a great tradition of course offerings in every CTE program area. Click the topics below for more information.

Agricultural Education
Business and Information Technology
Career Connections
Family and Consumer Sciences
Health and Medical Sciences
Military Science
Technology Education
Trade and Industrial Education

Starting in grade six, students have the opportunity to take CTE elective classes. Entering high school, students take the exploratory Success 101 course, designed to make students think about their future and get on the career pathway that is right for them. CTE serves as the backbone of most of Hampton City Schools’ career academies, exposing students to career pathways, skills, and experiential learning. 

Though most students are currently not in the building, CTE teachers have been using online curriculum, remote learning tools, and virtual simulators to make CTE learning work remotely.  

CTE teachers are working hard to make sure their students will graduate college, career, and life ready, working with industry partners for virtual guest speaker engagements, webinars, and project-based learning opportunities. For instance, students in courses like economics and personal finance hear from people in the banking industry, and also have taken the Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment - many earning a passing score, earning their certification. CTE is also providing students with opportunities to earn industry recognized credentials, such as Microsoft Office Specialist, ServeSafe food handler, OSHA 10, and more. Technology and virtual learning tools have allowed CTE to “Celebrate Today.”

When students return to in-person learning, they will continue to grow their skills in state of the art CTE labs and learning spaces. 
These opportunities for real-world, relevant, hands-on learning allow students to make connections to what they are learning in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies building a talent pipeline for the future workforce. CTE is planting the seeds for success in life after graduation, ensuring they can choose their career pathway, and “Own Tomorrow.”

Learn more about CTE and the benefits it provides to students, industry, and community.
What is CTE? https://www.acteonline.org/why-cte/what-is-cte/
Sector Sheets, CTE, the Key to Economic Development: https://www.acteonline.org/why-cte/what-is-cte/basic-facts/sector-sheets/