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HCS teachers receive mini grants from the National Council of Jewish Women

Hampton City Schools is excited to announce that nine teachers were awarded mini grants from the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW). The organization awarded $2,000 to Hampton teachers for a variety of classroom projects.

Below is a list of teachers receiving the grants and how the funds will be used.

Sandra Dianna of Armstrong School for the Arts received $255 to purchase word study apps. She applied for the grant to improve small group activities and rotations.

Angela Goerger of Bassette Elementary School received $222 for her grant titled “Fun with Fluency.” She is using the resources to have her students create poetry notebooks with poems weekly. It will promote fluency and creativity in centers. She will also purchase a fluency weekly reader that is differentiated for her reading groups where students could practice a song or poem on their reading level.

Adriane Henry of Tucker-Capps Fundamental Elementary School received $176.17 to purchase the Digital Interactive Reader. This is a guided reading instruction program that encompasses leveled text, standards based lesson plans, and running records. The program helps students with their decoding and comprehension skills as they listen to stories being read aloud. They are able to record themselves and listen to their recordings.

Elizabeth Ross of Cary Elementary School received $255. She is using the funds to continue creating diversity through books. She will use diverse characters to help her students relate to the characters and topics in the books. The books will be used during instruction to help students solve problems, to see themselves in a book and most importantly to enjoy the stories about diverse characters. The books will also be used as read aloud/think aloud books. This will help the students understand the characters and events in the books and ask questions about what they read.

Kristi Gray of Forrest Elementary School received $129 to purchase a science video to support a science SOL that recently changed. The video shows the concept of push and pull for kindergarten students. The video uses wooden blocks, balls, and ramps to experiment with push and pull, extending into how far a ball will roll on different ramps.

Audrey Lavoie of Forrest Elementary School is using the $196.83 she received to purchase lap tables. Using these lap tables, she hopes to give students an organized workplace. This will help the students who are working virtually to have a designed workspace and a place to store their supplies.

Sara Meier of Forrest Elementary School is using the $223 she was awarded to purchase more flexible seating options for their students for when they return to the classroom.

Jennifer Murray of Langley Elementary School received $288. She will be purchasing ukuleles for the music room.

Sandra Rowe of Moton Early Childhood Center is using the $255 she received for interactive math activities for her PreK students.

The National Council of Jewish Women is a grassroots organization of volunteers and advocates who turn progressive ideals into action. Grants are funded by contributions from members.