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Twenty-seven teachers complete teacher leadership induction program 

Twenty-seven Hampton City Schools teachers recently completed the Teacher Leader Program. The HCS teacher leadership series is a two-year comprehensive professional learning program designed by Dr. Kim Richardson, director of induction and development, and Heather Peterson, climate and culture director. 

“In 2016, when the program was initiated, our aim was to replicate the training we offered to our division-level instructional coaches,” Richardson explained. “Yet, it became evident quite rapidly that the leadership development requirements of coaches and teachers were distinct.”

The series comprises eight mini-courses organized into four key focus areas: communication, collaboration, leadership, and diversity, equity, and cultural competence. A mandatory introductory prerequisite is available at different intervals throughout the summer, followed by the offering of two classes each semester. Educators with over three years of experience are encouraged to join. Notably, this series also fulfills the final two years of activities for the HCS 5-Year Induction Program.


The teacher leadership program, "Lead From Where You Are," encompasses two key aspects. The first option is open to any educator within HCS who identifies as a leader but may be uncertain about the next steps to take. Whether they are experiencing a “leadership itch” or feel a strong drive to bring about change in their school, this series is designed for those teachers. It caters to those who are professionally restless and seeking avenues to exert their influence.


The second option caters specifically to fourth and fifth-year teachers who initially joined the division as beginners. The division has provided support to this group of teachers during their first three years, helping them become successful in their classrooms. Once they have established a strong foundation, they transition into the Teacher Leadership series. 


“It is important to note that our intention is not to push teachers away from the classroom if that's where they prefer to be, nor are we grooming them for future administrative roles,” shared Richardson. “Instead, our goal is to cultivate a leadership mindset within them. We strive to prepare teachers to broaden their perspective beyond the four walls of their classroom. We equip them with essential skills in communication, collaboration, leadership, and cultural responsiveness. This way, they can make a positive and meaningful contribution to their school community.”


The following teachers were recognized at the April 17, 2024, School Board meeting for completing the program:

Sherrian W. Banks Phenix 

Frances Barnes Mary Christian

Shareese Boseman Adult & Alternative Learning Center

Michelle C. Bowers Armstrong

Georgie Burton Mary Jackson

Isaac Z. Cain Tarrant

Dominique Zhané Cross Eaton

Mona Sheree' Cunnikin Bassette

Megan Disher (McClain) Barron

Kristen Frazee Asbury

Brenda Ann Garlick Moton

Michelle Griffin Phenix

Alina I Hamblin Kecoughtan

Katelyn Harlan Tarrant

Virgil A. Herring Lindsay 

Catherine Hooper-Hatcher Andrews

Michael J. Johnson Bethel

Andrea Lonzaga Aberdeen

Michele McDaniel Kecoughtan

Stephanie A. Pierce Kilgore

Renee H. Pietsch Machen

Kathryn E. Repko Mary Christian

Kasey Noel Rizzo Kecoughtan

Richard Scarper Jones

Emilie Sovocool Forrest 

Lora Thompson Eaton

Sadie M. Ulmen Bethel

Darlene L. Whitley Machen

Aliyah S. Wilson Bassette

Heather M Woodruff Bethel

James Wright Aberdeen

“I have worked to incorporate the evaluation we did for our personality to better interact with peers and students and to know how I approach situations to make sure that my ‘negative’ personality traits are minimized with others,” shared Michael Johnson, Bethel High School math teacher.

Aliyah Wilson, Bassette Elementary School kindergarten teacher said, “I am appreciative to have been able to grow though this five year program and feel that I am overly prepared to start my journey as a teacher leader.”

“One impactful nugget I use in my professional life is knowing the differences between equality, equity, and justice,” said Dominique Zhan√© Cross, social science teacher at Eaton Fundamental School. “It takes us in the system to not only help, but to encourage others outside of the system to fix education justly.”