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Nancy LeCuyer Beach
Executive Director

Hampton Education Foundation Creating Futures

Building Successful Futures
Why do some kids fail and others succeed? Why don’t all students graduate? Why do some kids leave our schools without the skills necessary to get and keep a good job, while others move directly into the best colleges and into satisfying careers? These questions are being asked in every community across America. In our community, the Hampton Education Foundation is dedicated to helping address these issues and to improving the futures of all our children.
The Hampton Education Foundation has been working to support creativity and innovation throughout the learning process. In 2007 the Foundation began their successful Teacher Grant Programs. These grants are designed to encourage and support teachers who are developing new programs that make learning more effective. 

Successfully growing and educating our youth must be a priority shared throughout the community. Parents can’t do it alone. Schools can’t do it alone. There is no silver bullet and no one program that once applied wipes away all challenges. Understanding this, the Foundation encourages you to join our community effort to strengthen every child, one by one.  


Hampton Education Foundation funds Healthy Kids Healthy Snacks recipe book, a project of the Culinary Arts Program at Phoebus High School. Recipe Book (pdf)


The Hampton Education Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping youth succeed and to supporting the Hampton School System. If you have a question or would like to become involved in helping, please contact us. Currently we are totally run by volunteers on a part time basis. This may mean that our response to you may be delayed but we will respond.


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The Hampton Education Foundation is a 501(c) 3 organization. Our goal is simple. We believe that all children should discover their talents and develop them in a way that improves both their quality of life and everyone they touch. 

The Foundation's work to date has focused on improving the classroom environment. We believe the classroom is ground zero for learning during the school day and that the community must provide the best tools and learning resources possible. A partial list of these resources include engaging electronic media, interesting and informative guest speakers, safe and comfortable spaces, timely books and of course, great teachers. 

The foundation was begun in 2001 at the request of Dr. Allen Davis. The Foundation has an excellent Board of Directors who serve without compensation. Day to day activities are managed by one part-time Director.



Ali Afonja, President

Dan Holloway, Vice-President

Suzy Scott, Treasurer


Frank Dickseski

Cordereau M. Dye

James A. Gray

Adam D. Krininger

Rachel A. Kuchta

Anne Ligon-Rutherford

James (Jim) McNider

Louis G. Morris

Robert F. Shuford Sr.

Lewis Smith

Ray Smith

Samantha Snead

Dr. Craig Tyson, Sr.

Heidi Wallace

Molly Joseph Ward

Ex-Officio Members: 

Ann Bane, Director of Community and Legislative Relations HCS

Nancy LeCuyer Beach, Executive Director - Hampton Education Foundation 

Brynne E. Cere - HCS Elementary School Representative

Kellie A. Goral - Executive Director of Public Relations and Marketing - Hampton City Schools 

Jennifer Parker - Hampton Council of PTA/PTSA Representative

Shameka L. Pollard - HCS High School Representative

Sharon S. Slater-  HCS Middle School Representative

Dr. Jeffrey O. Smith, Superintendent HCS

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Help Us Mold Our Children's Futures

We want you to be involved in making our Schools the best in the World. Most of us readily agree with this lofty goal until you begin to realize what it takes to achieve it. It takes citizens who are willing to share their time and talents. Like a potter you have to put your hands on the clay and gently and continuously shape your work until you realize your vision. 

Running a world class learning center requires that we all commit more than the minimum required. It is not good enough to pay your taxes and belong to the PTA. If we are to succeed, we must give of our resources and our time to insure that our gifts are being maximized.

So what can you do?


The school has many needs, so look for opportunities that match your talents and passion. To learn more, just click on the volunteer link above and you will connect with the schools volunteer opportunities site. If that doesn't work for you, contact us at  

We need your financial support: 

There are a lot of painless ways to financially support our mission. You can make a one time donation of any amount. We encourage you to consider pledging a monthly donation. Start with $5 a month or what ever feels right to you. We promise to use your funds to improve the lives and futures of all our kids. Just click on the donation above to make your tax deductable gift.

If your employer offers payroll deduction for the United Way, the Foundation is an eligible choice for your contributions. Please consider giving to our kids in this way. The foundation's United Way code is 7432.


If you have a specific need or interest area that you would like to support, we want to talk to you. There are many options available and we can help you support education in the areas you are most interested in helping.


Send your tax deductable donations to:

The Hampton Education Foundation
1 Franklin St
Hampton, VA 23669
Attention: Arial J. Jones



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The Foundation Supports Two Grant Programs 
Intended to Improve the Classroom Environment and Reward Instructional Experimentation

Innovative Instructional Grant Program For Teachers

The Hampton Education Foundation's Innovative Instructional Grant Program awards individual grants up to $1,000. This program is to help Hampton City school teachers to develop, plan, implement and evaluate innovative instructional strategies which are aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning. All Hampton City schools teachers, including resource teachers, are eligible to apply. 

Projects that will be considered:
Direct learning experience projects for classes of all grade levels will be considered. Projects should stress innovative approaches to teaching subject content, as well as create hands-on opportunities for students. Practical learning outcomes and student assessments should be included in all project plans. All proposed projects must address the curriculum requirements and Standards of Learning (SOL) for all subjects. Teachers of non-core subjects (i.e. Fine Arts, CTE) must be able to demonstrate a connection with their project and a related SOL.

To view a complete Innovative Instructional Grant Rubric Click HERE.


Instructional Mini-Grant for Teachers

The purpose of the Mini-Grant Program for Teachers is to provide materials, supplies, and/or resources to enhance and improve the classroom learning experience in alignment with the Virginia Standards of Learning. Grants up to $500 may be requested. All Hampton City School teachers, including resource teachers, are eligible to apply. 

To view a complete Mini Grant Rubric Click HERE.


To Apply
Deadline for the 2021-2022 school year is Friday, October 8, 2021 at midnight.


NEW ON-LINE application process!
Hard copies no longer accepted. 


To apply ON-LINE for an Innovative Instructional Grant Click Here.

To apply ON-LINE for a Mini-Grant Click Here.


There is only one grant cycle per school year. You may submit as many applications as you would like. You cannot apply for both mini and innovative grants for the same project. You can only apply for one grant for a project.


If questions, contact Jennifer Lockett for technical issues using on-line application (jlockett@hampton.k12.va.us) or HEF Grant Chair Anne Ligon-Rutherford for grant process questions (HEF-Grants@hampton.k12.va.us).


Some Great Grant Examples are given below.  Click on each to view.


Mini-Grant Application Examples
3D & Relief Art Projects
What Does an Author do?
Calm in the Classroom
Moving Beyond the Standard Curriculum with IXL Math


Some Great Innovative Grant Application Examples
Letters Alive Plus
Overcoming Adversity Through the Study of Civil Rights
Moving Masterpieces
Literary Leopards Project
Seahawk Squad

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We must all care enough to share our time and talents.


Committed volunteers are critical to our efforts to grow healthy kids. Every school and every program can use your help. Additionally there are an abundance of volunteer opportunities throughout the community. And although they may not be tied directly to a school initiative, all of our efforts to improve Hampton work together. 

If you would like to volunteer to work with the foundation please contact us at hef-director@hampton.k12.va.us.

IF you are looking for community opportunities try contacting www.allforgood.org.


Xavier Harris of Kecoughtan High School

Harmoney Tillerson of Kecoughtan High School

Congratulations to Xavier Harris of Kecoughtan HS, Coastal Carolina, Marine Science, Harmoney Tillerson of Kecoughtan High School, VCU, Business and Anaya Eley (not pictured), Kecoughtan HS, JMU, Psychology.


Michael Canty Memorial Scholarship


The Michael Canty Memorial Scholarship was established in 2011 in memory of Dr. Michael Canty, known to most as just “Mike.” Many words have been used to describe Mike – loving devoted family man, good friend, educator, public servant, and all around nice guy.


Mike had an extensive background in education and was passionate about children and youth, and in particular, the underserved, “at risk” youth in the City of Hampton. He touched many lives during his time in Hampton, working at the Virginia School for the Deaf, Blind and Multi-Disabled, as principal of Hampton High School, as the director of InSync Partnerships, and finally as the City of Hampton’s Neighborhood Offices Service Manager.


Mike had a special place in his heart for those who have to struggle a bit more than most, but who nevertheless, find success. His heart was with those who seize opportunities when they present themselves, and despite obstacles, keep focused on their goals.


Mike passed away in October 2010 after a valiant and hard fought battle with lymphoma.


This $1,000.00 scholarship will be awarded to one Hampton City School graduate who best exemplifies the qualities valued by Mike as well as some of the same qualities that Mike embodied.




Application; including the required essay and one letter of recommendation from a school, community, or faith-based leader

Deadline EXTENDED!  Now May 15, 2022

Late and/or incomplete submissions will not be considered.
Please contact hef-director@hampton.k12.va.us with any questions.


Mike Canty Scholarship past recipients:

  1. 2011 Angela Loeschke, PLC (awarded from CIS)
  2. 2012 Sean Banks, HHS
  3. 2014 John Michael McCormick, PHS
  4. 2014 Grant Gibson, BHS
  5. 2015 Kaela Johnson, VCU
  6. 2016 Mckenzie Dunford, KHS
  7. 2016 Kenneth (Corbin) Doggette, PHS and Campus at Lee
  8. 2017 A’zure Latimer - HHS
  9. 2018 Markayla Johnson - BHS
  10. 2019 Huyen Nguyen KHS
  11. 2019 Justin Michael Harris HHS
  12. 2019 Xavier Williams HHS
  13. 2020 Joseph Bowers PHS
  14. 2020 Morgan Riggins KHS
  15. 2021 Anaya Eley, KHS
  16. 2021 Xavier Harris, KHS
  17. 2021 Harmoney Tillerson, KHS