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Employee / Substitute

SubFinder WebConnect Login

Employee/Substitute Notes:

1. The SubFinder number is 1-866-690-2031.
2. Prior to being able to use the web-based Subfinder System you must complete the “Voice Registration” process.

Click here for Voice Registration again to close.

1. Using a touch-tone phone, call SubFinder at 1-866-690-2031

2. SubFinder will identify itself and ask you to enter your PIN (Personal Identification
Number) followed by the # key. Your PIN is the same as your employee number on your
substitute card. Enter your PIN using the touch pad of your telephone.

3. Once your have entered your PIN and pressed the # key, SubFinder will acknowledge
that this is the first time your have called and ask you to “voice your name.” Please say
your first and last name clearly, as you want it to be heard by other people using the
system. When you are done speaking, press the # key. After pressing the # key,
SubFinder will play your recorded name back to you for verification. If it is correct,
press 1. If you want to re-record your name, press 2 and repeat this step again.

4. Once you have recorded your name and accepted it, SubFinder will play your Main
Menu. Please choose the option to review personal information. Pay particular attention
to options 1 – To Review Your Phone Number and 3 – To Review the Days of the Week
You are Available to Work. If any of your personal information is incorrect, you may
change it by following SubFinder’s instructions. For further information, please refer to
your Employee Reference Card.

5. Congratulations, you are now registered!
You have the option of using either the phone or the Internet to shop for jobs. You
will need the following information to utilize the website:
The online system is called WebConnect. You can access the system 24 hours a day
from work or home. You can access via the following ways:
URL address:
Subfinder Link on Hampton City Schools webpage:
There is a link to the WebConnect Substitute User Guide on the log in screen. These
documents have all of the information you will need to utilize the new system. A tutorial
is also available on WebConnect after you login.

Login Info: Username: Your Last Name Password: PIN/Employee Number
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact
Carlise Hopson at 727-2311 or Shari Huggar at 727-2314.
Please note: You must use a touch-tone phone to register in the SubFinder system.

Remember, you can’t use WebConnect until you voice register.

3. 72-hours prior to the commencement of the school day, employees will not be able to create a new absence. They must contact their school SubFinder Administrator in accordance with school policy.

4. User Guide Links are available on the login page for Employees and Substitutes. In addition there is a Tutorial Video once you login. Be aware that the video takes a few minutes to download at high speed Internet rates. If you are on dial-up you may wish to watch the video at a school or public library.

5. For assistance with SubFinder contact Carlise Hopson (727-2311) or Shari Huggar (727-2325).

School Administrators Only

SubFinder WebConnect Pro Login

Adminstrator Notes:
1. A User Guide is available for Site Administrators on the page immediately following login.

2. WebConnect Pro, as a web-based system, will allow you to create, view, report, and manage absences in your building from any location with Internet access. You DO NOT need to be on the Hampton City Schools network to use this system.