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Background Checks: The School Board shall require prospective employees, whether full-time or part-time, permanent, or temporary, to submit to fingerprinting and to provide personal descriptive information to be forwarded along with the employee's fingerprints through the Central Criminal Records Exchange to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the purpose of obtaining criminal history record information regarding such employee. To view the full policy on this, click here.

Welcome to the Human Resources Department

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Customer Service is the core of everything we do in the HCS Human Resources Department. Our collective goal is to provide HCS employees the assistance they need to give their very best to Hampton children. We are committed to continuous learning and improvement so that our employee customers receive "world class" service and genuine support.


Sick Leave: Full-time employees receive a monthly sick leave allowance of 1.3 days for each month of employment. There is no limit to the number of sick leave days that can be accumulated.

Personal Leave: Three days of sick leave may be used for personal leave during the year. Personal days cannot be accumulated. Unused personal days revert to sick leave.

Vacation: 12-month employees are eligible for vacation. The following table shows vacation accrual rates:

Years Employment
11 +
Monthly Accumulation
Maximum Accumulation

Vacation accruals that exceed the maximum accumulation are converted to sick leave.

Holidays: 12-month employees should refer to their work schedule for non-scheduled work days.

Stephanie Hankla
HR Assistant/Receptionist

  • Accepts applications
  • Employment verifications
  • Provides general information

Robbin Ruth
Executive Director

  • Policy development & interpretation
  • Overall strategic development of department
  • Employee relations & communication
  • EEO complaints
  • Sexual harassment claims
  • Grievance & probation
  • Termination & dismissal

Barbara Warren Jones
Assistant Director,

  • Develops & oversees the recruitment program
  • Coordinates Individual Licensure Plans (ILP) for current HCS teachers
  • Personnel policy interpretation
  • Employee relations
  • Investigates grievances
  • Terminations & dismissals

Susanne Marcella
HR Coordinator

  • Coordinates staffing
  • Processes new hire contracts
  • Coordinates Individual Licensure Plans (ILP) for current HCS teachers
  • Coordinates new hire orientation

Mark McGrath
HRMS Administrator

  • Develops HR-related reports from Oracle to support all departments
  • Develops Filemaker databases to support HR-related activities
  • Coordinates supplement census and issuance of supplemental contracts
  • Completes required HR-related Federal (Department of Labor, EEOC) and State (Department of Education, VA New Hire) reporting requirements

Nicole Samuelson
Compensation & Benefits Analyst

  • Responsible for job classification & job descriptions
  • Develops, reviews and monitors compensation systems
  • Wage and salary adjustments
  • FLSA compliance
  • Coordinates benefits open enrollment
  • Coordinates benefits information sessions for eligible new hires

Shari Huggar
HR Specialist -- FMLA

  • Processes Family Medical Leave
  • Processes short/long term disability requests
  • Reviews & investigates background checks
  • Answers general questions

Carlise Hopson
HR Specialist -- Licensure

  • Processes initial licensure and add-on requests
  • Processes experience reports
  • Processes Individual Licensure Plans (ILP) for current HCS teachers
  • Answers general licensure questions

Sharmaine Alexander-Riggins
HR Specialist

  • Processes all job postings
  • Processes new hires
  • Maintains data on employees in Oracle
  • Processes contracts & letters of employment for current employees
  • Processes benefits changes and new enrollments
  • Answers general HR questions

Sally Jones
HR Specialist

  • Processes contracts for external coaches
  • Processes new hires
  • Maintains data on employees in Oracle
  • Processes contracts & letters of employment for current employees
  • Processes benefits changes and new enrollments
  • Answers general HR questions


Virginia Licensure Regulations for School Personnel (PDF)
Virginia Licensure Renewal Manual (PDF)
• Teachers Rock: Become a Teacher in Virginia

All teachers and administrators are required to maintain a valid Virginia teaching license. Contact the Human Resources Department at (757) 727-2311 or visit the Virginia Department of Education website (

Employee Organizations (unions): Virginia law does not allow for unions. For additional information regarding state code on "Prohibition Against Collective Bargaining", click here.