Myra Chambers
Director of Alternative Learning

1646 Briarfield Road
Hampton, VA 23669

Adult Education

Bridgeport Academy


GED® Program

Performance Learning Center

The Campus at Lee - Educational Innovation & Advancement for All

The Campus at Lee provides a variety of educational opportunities necessary for students and adults to acquire knowledge and skills in a safe, individualized, and supportive environment, and to develop the values of responsibility and respect for self and others, leading to productive citizenship and lifelong learning.


Adult Education and GED® Programs are available for adult students. For adults who wish to obtain their high school credential, a GED credential, or increase English language literacy there are programs available through Adult Education at the Campus at Lee.
We offer :
• training for the GED® credential at all skill levels for adults. 
• training toward an "External Diploma", a competency-based program for learners over 21 who want to work toward a high school diploma. There is tuition for this program.
• English as a Second Language (ESL) class for adults.
• food services classes leading to a Certified Professional Food Manager’s Certificate.

Bridgeport Academy affords students in grades 3-12 the opportunity to excel academically in a structured environment, while modifying their behavior. The Academy instills in each student the desire to perform beyond their current academic level, as well as the self-discipline to enable them to meet the expectations of Hampton City Schools.

Homebound Instruction is available for students who are too ill to maintain regular school attendance.  Requests for homebound instruction due to medical reasons must be made in conjunction with a physician and based on a documented medical condition. 

• Opportunities are available for students seeking an alternative to the traditional educational setting and or course offerings.  Students have access to online (virtual) classes and course content from any location with an Internet connection.  Individualized, independent study instruction and assessment are provided online or at the Campus at Lee by credentialed teachers.
• For school aged students having difficulty in a traditional school environment, high school GED® programs are also available.  We offer ISAEP (Individual Student Alternative Education Plan) for students to obtain their GED®, a career and technical education credential, the Economics & Personal Finance course; and successfully pass the Virginia Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment (WRSA).

The Hampton Performance Learning Center (PLC)  is a unique non-traditional learning environment for high school students that have not been successful in traditional schools for various reasons other than ability.  The PLC operates a business-like environment that prepares students for high school graduation and beyond.  The program offers students the opportunity to accelerate their learning, using a computer-based curriculum and project-based instruction.  The intimate setting allows for personal and small group instruction.  In addition students benefit from mentorships, job shadowing and preparation for post-secondary education.